Wonder & Mystery: Hobo

There is a Parallel Universe somewhere where the music of Woody Guthrie is considered the hardcore gangsta rap of that universe. If this were a DC Comics alternate Earth it would be Earth H.

H for Hobo.

On Earth H Bodie Wagner would be Sting, Eddie Van Halen, Bono and Dr. Dre in one person.

The album that I pulled from the box of Mystery and Wonder somehow made the perilous journey from this alternate reality to our universe, Earth Prime for those of you not up on your DC Comics Parallel Earths mythology. It was sealed in plastic, never opened.

I didn’t list the song from last week (I need to remember to do that) but here are the tunes from Hobo:

Side A

Chugga Tramp

Just Me

I Gave My Heart To San Antone

I’ve Been On the Road

I’d Like to Say I’m Proud

Side B

One of Those Countless Truckstops


Wooly Bum Man

Rocky Rose

Magic Mojo

How is this possible you ask? I don’t know but it is or it was as I opened it and put it on the deck.

What emanated from my speakers was something of homage to Woody Guthrie, hybridized bluegrass and country folk music with yodeling.

Is yodeling a thing in folk music? Apparently so, and the hills are alive with Bodie Wagner.

I am avoiding the subject, is it any good? I think it is (no I don’t) but I’m not exactly sure what it is. I don’t think anyone not of Earth H is qualified to make that decision.

When I was a kid my parents watched the syndicated country and western variety show Hee Haw. When Hee Haw was on it was the quickest way to get me to go into my room as fast as possible. As I got older I recognized the awesome guitar prowess of Roy Clark and I would linger in the room long enough to see some of those Hee Haw Honeys before I left. There were a lot of important and influential country music artists on the show: Johnny Cash and his wife June, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, and the show was hosted by Clark and Buck Owens.

Buck Owens? That’s the guy from the Credence Clearwater Revival song? Huh.

My point that I am digressing to is that I don’t hate country music, I love the older stuff.

I don’t want to knee jerk take a massive hate hammer of self-righteousness to this album but if you haven’t noticed I have a hard time confronting it head on. I’m afraid when I’m brushing my teeth later I will see the album cover skulking behind the shower curtain in the mirror and when I turn to confront it, it isn’t there.

It’s Alvin and the Chipmunks doing covers of Gordon Lightfoot.

Ambient music played over the speakers at a Cracker Barrel in Hell.

Allyson said listening to this made her want to stab herself in the eye. Not good enough I say, you could still hear it.

If the Martians from Mars Attacks return and the music of Slim Whitman won’t work anymore we will have Bodie Wagner.

It is imperative that we increase the NASA budget to 1% of the federal budget so we can invent Quantum Parallel Dimensional Travel to wage war on Earth H to make sure this sort of thing never happens again.

Never. Forget.

If you think that this is your kind of thing then ok I guess, I’m going to stop being needlessly cruel and say that this just isn’t my thing or to many other’s thing either.

Bodie is still knocking around, currently in Grass Valley, California. Yes, Grass Valley California. I’ve been there in my own personal hobo days, it’s in the heart of gold rush country and I’m not surprised that a Woody Guthrie kind of guy would end up there. He’s on Facebook and still doing his hobo-guitar thing.

Mars Attacks

NEXT WEEK I hope to put out another bit about a record from the box of Wonder & Mystery. My school stuff has heated up very quickly and we’ll see if I have the time. Regardless I will post something in the interim.

Please comment below, if I’m being a dick or funny or a funny dick, whatever.

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