On Fridays I go painting in The Louvre.

I have something to say and if no one listens that’s okay, it might be preferable.

It seems so many Americans have taken this opportunity to somehow make the Paris Attacks about us and by us I mean the U.S. The biggest piece of execrable opinion about it is Ann Coulter saying that of the attacks that “Trump was elected president tonight.” No wonder people think Coulter is a dude, she’s apparently a dick.

Here’s a thought, the Westboro Baptist Church is two inches from crazy town and if they went “there” would we call for the outright elimination of all Baptists?


I’m not saying these feelings are wrong, emotions are raw right now and justifiably so. I don’t blame anyone for feeling this way. We Americans have some history with Muslim extremists too. We get it.

giphy (2)

When I was a kid I read every single collected edition of Herge’s Tintin that I could get my hands on and I did thanks to the Lebanon Public Library. Tintin has ben “reversed engineered” to be one of the influences on Indiana Jones though it wasn’t until after French reviews mentioned how close in feel Indy was to Tintin. The plots were clever and pure adventure, the characters were each unique, the art was perfect whimsy and evocative. Tintin is technically Belgian but they speak French and that’s close enough, I didn’t know that it wasn’t a French creation until much later anyway.

While we are on comics, French comics are so much better than Japanese Manga, no apologies but I have read way more French translations and enjoyed them far more. In France, like much of the world, comics are a medium unlike here where they are a genre sometimes. I have had the pleasure to read Tintin (of course), Blueberry, The Smurfs (very Barks and reprinted in America by Papercutz), Valérian and Laureline, and a few others. They are more in the tradition of American newspaper strips being that they can be spy, western, fantasy, even pirate stories. I have to confess to having never read Asterix and I need to change that.

Speaking of Blueberry how can I not mention Moebius? This guy is an international comics art influence on a level with people like Carl Barks and Jack Kirby.
French Metal is intense and ferocious in their playing and subject matter, I would put it up with any American or British metal bands. My personal favorite is Gojira, an odd and compelling mix of thrash and melodic metal. I got to see them here in ‘Murica open for Metallica. Check out their song “Explosia.”

The French invented swashbuckling thanks to some guy named Alexandre Dumas and some books he wrote such as The Three Musketeers, The Man in the Iron Mask, and The Count of Monte Cristo. Look at the guy; he looked like a 19th century French George R.R. Martin…

This Guy.


So what am I saying? Nothing really. Better people are saying it better than I and worse people are spouting the same old BS. I guess I am just saying Viv la France or something to that effect.

That’s it, all done for now.

2 thoughts on “On Fridays I go painting in The Louvre.

  1. Your right it is not about us it is about the French that’s where the attack happen, if we want to help then we need to help but we don’t need to make it about us. The other thing is with my opinion we do not need to kill all Muslims that is not the way to go because if anyone knows anything about the Muslim religion that is a peaceful religion there are extremists like in all religons that take to far. We should ask France if they need any help if they don’t then we need to stay out of it, but if they do need some help then we need to help ISIS needs to be stop but not the Muslims I’m going to end my rant with a quote from a famous FF member if Franc needs help then its clobbering time.


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