Wonder & Mystery: Waiting for the Flood

It has been over a month since I last had anything to say about anything from the Box of Mystery and Wonder or anything else. It was The Holidays and it was busy. I graduated with my Associate’s in Library Science, there was Christmas, I have seen The Force Awakens three times and my voice sounds like Tom Waits singing lullabies.

The box must have sensed the business of the season, I am beginning to suspect that it isn’t UN-like the Hellraiser puzzle box at times. The extremes of pleasure and pain were a part of that and I give you Hobo at one end of that spectrum and Gloria Lynne at the other.

The 12 inch single, apparently previously owned by a visually impaired person?

And then there is this 12 inch single “Waiting for the Flood” by Love and Rockets off of their Earth, Sun, Moon album which isn’t on either end of the “Cenobite Pleasure & Pain Scale.” I try and nail down where it is on that scale. Humping in the middle? Grinding towards pleasure? Fondling itself towards pain?

I never listened too much of that emo, Goth stuff in the 80’s. I’m from Indiana and unless you were on a college campus that stuff wasn’t readily available which is good because I could see listening to them as girls would be into it and thus a guy would get into it for the girls who were into it. That is quite the run on sentence, much like the lyrics to the song.

Love and Rockets the band.
I was passingly familiar with the comic book Love and Rockets by Los Bros Hernandez which is the source of the name of the band. That was it, only familiar and that was from an article in the old, old, old comic magazine Comics Scene.

Love and Rockets the comic book
It wasn’t until the last ten years that I got my hands on some of the actual comics and read them. They aren’t for everyone as they are not All Ages. It’s really ironically awesome, being a Library Guy, when I find them in a public library collection cataloged with kid’s collection because you know, its comics therefore it’s for the kiddies. The comics are engaging and intense with unpretentious and intuitive art; funny, moving, sexy, melodramatic and I don’t have any in my own comic collection any more. This is because of the content as I really didn’t want my daughters to come across them by accident. L&R comics are not pornographic but they do deal, on occasion, with some very adult themes. When I say Very Adult I mean that as in, well not to put too fine a point on it but *sigh* pornographic.

See how I went on a little dissertation about Los Bros Hernandez and their seminal work Love and Rockets?

Go get some and read it and based on this one 12 inch single do not listen to the band Love and Rockets while doing so.


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