Random Encounters: @$$#ole the Gathering

Yet another well written and insightful article about the struggles of local comic and game shops. Also, look for this quote:

That said, it could easily change. With gaming being open to the public, it could go backwards for us. A person who doesn’t bathe may come in. An incredibly rude and hostile person may come in and rub the other players the wrong way. A cheap person may come in and question why on earth they’d spend money at the place they play at. All things that have happened in the past.

This is largely one of the big reasons why I don’t play in local game shops. Also, if I go to one, I want to support in some way and not be a mooch. I know this is a Bleeding Cool article but it isn’t the typical BC clickbait:

Comic Store in Your Future: Friday Nights Aren’t Magic Anymore

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