Old Comics Wednesday: Fantastic Four 2099 & Fantastic Four: Grand Design

It has been over a year since I have made a new posting here, for a blog it seems to be more of a passing fancy.

That said, here we go.

It is No Secret that I am a “disciple” of Jack “King” Kirby, not an unrealistic one as I do keep a critical eye on his not as groovy work.

Let me qualify that statement. I am also one of those people that believe that Jack had more to do with the creation of the Marvel Universe than he typically gets credit for. Or maybe a better way to put that is that he gets overshadowed for.

It seems that he often could not keep pace with his own imagination.

Not everything can be gold but under his sheer voluminous output he gets a pass. It’s like this; this idea over here doesn’t quite pan out but these other four are bestsellers.

We should all have that kind of success.

Now in the 21st Century there is a better handle be the visual medium of comics and words am are not was important as are was am used to am.

See? Writing is easy.

Stan Lee I think was good at the nuances of character and dialog where Jack was bombastic and even operatic in the scope of his art.

And neither one would have admitted to having anything to do with the recent Fantastic Four 2099 book.


It was So Bad and So Not FF as the team that was depicted as the “Future Four” were nothing like the Four that we love and lucky for those fictional characters they were barely in the title that they were the supposed stars of.

There was a previous Fantastic Four 2099 title and it More Better since it dealt with a possibly time-travelling FF and a mystery of “Is it them or not?”

The characters and art we got in this thing are barely that as they remind me of barely finished 90s Liefeld swipes. Yes, Liefeld swipes.

Then there is (of Hip-Hop Family Tree fame)Ed Piskor’s Fantastic Four: Grand Design which, wait for it, a grand alternative retelling of the FF from their pre-history to almost now.


As bad as Fantastic Four 2099 was, it is how good Fantastic Four: Grand Design is.

Piskor homages Kirby’s style and squeezes it into panel packed pages of Perez-ish detail.

That’s all I have to say about that; FF 2099 (2019) = bad, FF: Grand Design = good.

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