Watch "Breakthrough in nuclear fusion technology could dramatically alter clean energy landscape" on YouTube

Watch "Energy Officials Announce Fusion Breakthrough at Livermore Lab" on YouTube

Watch "George Takei Reveals The Origin Of 'Oh My' | The Graham Norton Show" on YouTube

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If you see this toot (yeah this one right here), can you boost it for me? It will help my new server federate with the wider Mastodon network. 🚀 🙏

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What is the Democracy’s Library?

The aim of the new project-- Internet Archive Democracy’s Library is to collect, preserve and make freely available all the published works of all the democracies– the federal, provincial, and municipal government publications– so that we can efficiently learn from each other to solve our biggest challenges in parallel and in concert.

Lets build this together! @internetarchive

After using this for a few days, it feels like Twitter should be just another Mastodon instance. Then I could more normally retoot something like this (image from there):

*Relays continued:
None of the relays I've found seem to have any available information about which instances they have connected, so it seems to be a very blind process.

At least for now, I may just see how we grow naturally. So, go forth, and follow others! 😁

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*Relays are still a bit of an enigma, and there don't seem to be very many, let alone ones that are open. I've found some mentioned on reddit, etc, but w/out knowing what one should look like when accessed directly.

I'm also not sure yet if I want to add any. There seems to be some amount of reciprocity in that our *public* posts would be shared w/ other instances connected to added relays, and there may be additional management to block any instances we don't like.

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Just an update:
I have yet to add any relays*, but we'll grow our `Federated` content as we follow users from other instances. It will even pick up more than just the specific people we follow. I'm not sure yet how exactly it picks up posts from people none of us are following, so it might be magic.

*see follow-up

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I can use the old from Tusky on Android!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁

also good to know about reacting to posts on other servers (tl;dr: buttons will bring you and the post back to ours to react, linking to the original):

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some good info on the basics:

from there:
"There are various ways your server may discover posts, but the bulk of them will be from people that other users on your server follow.

There is a way to filter the federated timeline to view only public posts created on your server: The local timeline."

gotta find out what other ways our server can discover posts from other servers...

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I'm not sure if there's a way to get trending hashtags (or other things) to automatically show up from other parts of the Fediverse or if we individually have to follow such things. We can definitely follow people from elsewhere manually if we already know the @ handle @ host. It would be nice to be able to choose to get some external content in a more automated way, though.

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